“A winner is a winner; it’s true that not everyone will like their loss.” – Shilpa Shinde

On the finale day of Bigg Boss Season 11, finalist Hina Khan specified how the distinction of votes is simply in 1000s and that it isn’t an exceptionally noteworthy one.

In any case, later in the day, news came that the distinction of votes isn’t in 1000s yet in millions, and that made a ton of buzz.

We hummed Shilpa Shinde about this announcement of Hina, and she stated, “Well, I figure if the distinction is in 1000s then it is in reality something to be thankful for yet in the event that the distinction is in millions despite everything she said that then all I’d jump at the chance to state is that no one might want to concede their misfortune. Notwithstanding, the champ is a victor, independent of the distinction.”

We absolutely second with Shilpa’s announcement, isn’t that right?