WOAH!! Kidnapping drama up next on Zee TV’s Kaleerein!

Zee TV’s Kaleerein is preparing for a fascinating track where in the up and coming scenes, the gathering of people will see some high voltage abducting show.

Performer Manraj Singh’s entrance in the show has given the genuinely necessary viewership to the show and has likewise expanded the interest level. He has entered the show as Sunny and is the unnecessary extra person wheel in Meera (Aditi Sharma) and Vivaan’s (Arjit Taneja) love life.

Subsequent to getting hitched to Vivaan, Meera reveals to her folks that Sunny is a major misrepresentation. Radiant had hijacked Vivaan, yet Vivaan is her better half and she endeavors to get verification against Sunny. Vivaan beats Sunny and shows him a thing or two. Radiant leaves the family in disarray. Amar slaps Vivaan and removes him from the house. He requests that Vivaan stop it now, he won’t bear it more.

Radiant won’t leave Meera and Vivaan, he will abduct Meera to render retribution from Vivaan. Be that as it may, some way or another, Meera will figure out how to get away.

What will be Sunny’s new advance?