Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita Exposes Shagun; Raman Shocks Ishita By Supporting Shagun!

Raman searches at home and gets disappointed as he doesn’t get the letter. Ishita suggests him to search in the office as the kidnapper knew his office address. Shagun gets alerted and join hands with Ashok to get the letter. Before Raman could reach the office, Ashok reach Raman’s cabin and searches for the letter.

It will be known in today’s episode, if Ashok got the letter or not! According to the latest spoiler, Shagun manages to get the letter. Ishita finds a letter. She gets to know that Shagun is behind her kidnap. She reveals it to Raman, who in turn starts shouting at her. Apparently, Ishita calls the family members to the police station and accuses Shagun. Shockingly, Shagun will call Ashok to the police station, and very cleverly, she puts all blame on him. Raman lashes out at Ishita supporting Shagun.

He tells Ishita that it was Shagun who took care of her children, when she was away for seven long years and now she blames Shagun! Well, the story will turn interesting after Shagun challenges Ishita!