Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler: Raman & Ishita Shocked As Simmi Testifies Against Pihu In The Court!

The producers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are keeping the watchers snared to the show with the most recent turn. In the past scene, we perceived how Raman beats Param as he catches Ruhi and Param’s discussion (that he is extorting Ishita). While Ishita tries to prevent Raman from beating Param, he cautions Ishita that he would uncover reality. Ishita frenzies and slaps Raman. This leaves Raman stunned and he feels Ishita is concealing something from them. Ruhi Confronts Ishita In the up and coming scenes, Ruhi faces Ishita and asks what’s the matter with her as she is baffled with her conduct. Ishita lashes out at Ruhi and requests that her not meddle in the issue. Raman Doubts That Ishita Is Hiding Something About Pihu Ruhi separates before Raman and discloses to him that Ishita is concealing something from them. Raman becomes more acquainted with that Ishita ensuring Param as he is coercing her that he would uncover Pihu’s mystery. Ishita Reveals The Truth After Raman corners Ishita, she gives in and separates. She uncovers to Raman with respect to how Pihu coincidentally executed Simmi and Param’s little girl Ananya. She likewise reveals to Raman that Param thought about this since quite a while and has been coercing Ishita. Simmi Overhears Raman and Ishita’s Conversation Raman is stunned and asks Ishita with respect to how might she stow away such a major issue. He points the finger at himself. While Ishita discloses to Raman that Simmi won’t excuse Pihu as she slaughtered her little girl, Simmi catches their discussion. Simmi Wants To Punish Pihu Simmi will be stunned to know reality that Pihu slaughtered her girl. She is in a requital mode and discloses to Param that since she lost her little girl due to Pihu and Ishita as well, will lose her girl; Pihu will be rebuffed Raman Begs For Simmi’s Forgiveness Meanwhile, Raman settles on a choice of uncovering it to the relatives. He assembles whole family and reveals to them reality. He will likewise apologize to Simmi and ask for her pardoning. Raman Meets The Lawyer The Bhalla family and even Simmi apologize to Ishita for questioning and abusing her. Post this, Raman meets the legal advisor, who is taking care of Ananya’s case. The legal advisor reveals to Raman that Simmi’s announcement may make contrast to the case procedures. Simmi Backstabs Raman; Pihu Punished It is then Raman requests that Simmi give her announcement for them and close the case. Shockingly, Simmi concurs. In any case, to Ishita and Raman’s stun, Simmi affirms against Pihu in the court. Pihu gets rebuffed which leaves Ishita, Raman and the whole family puzzled. What will Raman and Ishita do to spare Pihu now? Mrs Iyer Gets To Know About Adi and Roshni’s Affair On the other hand, Shravan becomes more acquainted with about Adi and Roshni’s undertaking and composes it in the dairy. He conceals it in the organizer, yet Mrs Iyer discovers it. She gets stunned in the wake of perusing the dairy and doesn’t trust it. Shagun Gets To Know About Adi’s Extra-conjugal Affair While Mrs Iyer goes looking for Shravan, she meets Shagun and advises about the same to her. Them two choose not to tell Raman and Ishita until the point when they discover reality. Will Shagun discover Adi’s additional conjugal undertaking? Stay bolted to this space for the most recent updates of the show.