Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka: Kabir Turns Out To Be Aman’s Twin; Parveen’s Evil Motives Exposed

Star Plus’ dream dramatization Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka featuring Vikram Singh Chauhan and Aditi Sharma in lead jobs is winning hearts of watchers with an intriguing storyline and stunning exhibitions. The show investigates the lesser known universe of Jinns and individuals are cherishing the unpredictability. The show is additionally scoring great on the TRP graphs.

In the most recent scene, we saw that Roshni yielded herself so as to spare Aman by taking the bolts. The bolts were shot by Sifriti Jinn otherwise known as Kabir and were dunked in the liquid of red moon which is deadly. Aman at last understands his affection for Roshni however it’s past the point of no return as Roshni is dead.

All things considered, the up and coming scenes make them intrigue and stunning turns coming up. We will see that while Aman and others are lamenting Roshni’s demise, Sifriti Jinn will enter Junaid Manzil and head directly to the lounge area, towards Parveen. The last will be left stunned to see him back. Later it will be uncovered by Dadi that Sifriti Jinn otherwise known as Kabir is really Aman’s twin.

Indeed, you read that right!

Parveen will uncover that Kabir was conceived before Aman and she needed to part with him and that he is Aman’s senior sibling.

Afterward, it will be found out that as Parveen sent Kabir away as Junaid had an arrangement with the fiendishness jinn, the jinn will currently take Aman. Then, Kabir has malicious expectations and needs to execute Aman to turn into the leader of Jinnad (World of Magic). Think about what, that is not it. We will likewise discover that Parveen tries to be Kaale Aasmaan Ki Mallika and that she isolated the twins as she expected that they will one day betray her. It would appear that Parveen figured out how to trick everybody.

In any case, here’s the greatest wind in the story, Kabir will take Sifriti Jinn’s structure and betray Aman.

An excessive amount to deal with, isn’t that so?

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