Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka: Aman to Learn About Kabir’s Evil Intentions

Gul Khan’s otherworldly dramatization Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka has just gotten a ton of consideration with its connecting with track and dream components. Featuring Aditi Sharma and Vikram Singh Chauhan, the otherworldly show portrays the romantic tale of a young lady with heavenly powers and a sovereign, who is under the stink eye of a Jinn.

As of late, the show has seen a ton of supernatural wanders aimlessly with Saima’s wedding and Roshni’s passing. Be that as it may, Kabir carried her resurrected with his forces.

In addition, it was uncovered that Kabir (Sifrati Jinn) is Aman’s twin sibling, who was parted with by Parveen at the hour of his introduction to the world. The last barely any scenes additionally observed that Parveen is definitely not a decent mother however has dim shades as she needs to turn into the ‘Mallika of Kaala Aasman’. This while, she tricked everybody and continued accusing her significant other, Junaid for managing the Jinn and being eager. Likewise, Kabir too needs to turn into the ruler and in this way, he winds up assaulting Aman.

In the coming scene, Aman will be stunned after Kabir utilizes his forces to save his family caught inside the Chhal Sheesha. After asking, Kabir will attempt to persuade him by giving a reason that he also is under the underhanded spell of Sifrati Jinn. Aman looks for Tabeezi’s assistance to know reality yet Kabir masks as the last mentioned.

In any case, Aman will find out about his detestable expectations that he has returned distinctly to murder Aman and his family. Be that as it may, he and his family will choose not to respond on the issue and act detachedly with Kabir. In the interim, Roshni’s memory will likewise return in the wake of perusing the letters which she composed for Aman however Kabir will again control her.

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