Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Abhimanyu agrees to marry Aarohi; Akshara to visit Udaipur

The current track of Star Plus show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ has kept the fans glued to the TV screens. In the previous episodes, Muskaan reached Goenka house while Mimi wants Akshara to return to Udaipur as she wants to meet her on her birthday. However, Akshara has denied the same.

In the upcoming episodes, Parth tries to tell Ruhi that Abhimanyu is her guardian and not his father, however, Abhimanyu tells Ruhi that relations are felt from the heart and it is not important to label them. Ruhi informs Abhimanyu about a birthday party and that he will have to be there with her. Abhi agrees. They leave. Shefali asks Parth to not spoil the relationship that Abhi and Ruhi share.

At the birthday party, Abhimanyu plays the games as Ruhi’s father and wins almost all the competition. Ruhi gets delighted but her friends tell her that she is a cheater as Abhimanyu is not her father. Ruhi cries. Abhimanyu consoles her but the kids continue to call her a cheater.

At Akshara’s house, Abhir asks her why they can’t visit Udaipur as he wants to meet his grandparents. Akshara shouts at him and states that they will not go to Udaipur. Abhir asks her for help in school project. Later, Akshu gets a call from Abhir’s school and she is immediately asked to meet Abhir’s teacher. Abhir’s teacher informs Akshu that Abhir has no knowledge about a family tree and his relations. This can create complexities in his life. Akshara tells her that Abhir has a huge family.

In the forthcoming episodes, Akshara informs Goenka family that she is ready to visit them. Ruhi informs that family that Abhimanyu and Aarohi agreed to get married. This leaves everyone surprised.