Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Hina Khan & Karan Mehra Upset With Rajan Shahi’s Statements!

The unwavering watchers of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai were disturbed when the lead on-screen character of the show Karan Mehra, who assumed the part of Naitik, quit the show. They were stunned and additionally irate/disturbed when another lead on-screen character Hina Khan, who assumed the part of Akshara, likewise, quit the show! After Hina’s leave, the watchers would not like to see their most loved show without their most loved performing artist. They even chose to blacklist the show. They even thought the show’s TRPs may drop. Numerous things were said against Hina, yet she stayed noiseless over the issue. In a late meeting, Rajan Shah gave stunning explanations on Hina and Karan’s exit. These announcements didn’t run well with both the on-screen characters.

Rajan Shahi Rajan had said that the show has developed post Hina and Karan’s exit. He even included that the show has freshness after the lead performing artists left the show. Rajan He had even stated, “There is an energy with the group. To be perfectly honest, prior we didn’t have time with the leads, everybody was going insane. We were not ready to shoot, authors were not ready to compose.” Rajan Further Said… “We didn’t know about what we would shoot the following day in view of the overabundance stuff the on-screen characters conveyed with them that individuals were not in any case ready to shoot.” Hina Upset With Rajan’s Remarks Hina and Karan were angry with Rajan’s announcement.

In a meeting to the main day by day, Hina responded to Rajan’s announcement, “I would prefer not to get into this habitual pettiness. All things considered, he can state whatever he wishes to.” Hina Was A Part Of YRKKH For 8 Years Hina included, “Everyone has the privilege to express, however being a maker, why was he calm when we were a piece of the show for eight long years? Amid that time, he went on record to adulate the two of us for our commitment and demonstrable skill.” Hina Says They Were Loyal To The Producer! “Furthermore, truly, we were presumably the main lead match on TV who kept on being with the show for eight sequential years. In spite of the work weight, differences and other work openings, we kept on remaining faithful to the show and upheld the maker.” Hina Says It’s Heartbreaking! She additionally included, “We never talked sick about the maker, the creation house or the show, yet it’s shocking that the most senior individual from the generation house stoops down to this level. Individuals can simply pick what to state and what not to.” Karan was likewise connected with the show for eight long years. Indeed, even in the wake of leaving Bigg Boss,

he has been in contact with Rajan. He felt those announcements were not for him! Karan Feels Rajan Is Referring To Someone Else! Karan stated, “On the off chance that he is stating that I labored for two-three hours, he is alluding to another person on the grounds that my participation enroll is the evidence.” Karan He additionally included, “Likewise, I gave my notice period ahead of time. I don’t know who he has resentment against and why is he saying it now?” Karan picked not to remark any longer. He finished up by saying, “I am cheerful in my space and anticipating fresh starts.

I am not in contact with him any longer and I can’t continue remarking on other individuals’ grievances. Everything I can state is, ‘To every his own’.” Rajan had not responded, notwithstanding when Hina Khan’s fits gossipy tidbits were doing the rounds. Amid those days, he had even said that Hina was steady, denying all bits of gossip against Hina! We ask why he made these remarks now! Hina and Karan were undoubtedly the complete self of the show. It was truly discouraging to peruse Rajan’s remarks against Karan and Hina, who have given their eight long years for the show. The show’s TRP had dropped radically post Hina’s exit. Be that as it may, now the show has discovered its place on the TRP outlines, all because of Kartik and Naira’s track!