YRKKH: Kartik Loses His Temper on Damini; Supports Naira in the Court

Maker Rajan Shahi’s mainstream show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai as of late finished 3000 scenes to turn into TV’s one of the longest-running shows. The show featuring Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi has made some amazing progress and effectively figured out how to keep up its situation in the TRP Chart.

As of late, the Kaira’s sentimental show went bad when the couple isolated and Kartik got hitched to Vedika. Afterward, things began showing signs of improvement between Kaira as they approached on account of their child. Be that as it may, the circumstance compounds when they the pair had a take on an authority conflict for Kairav. Presently, the most recent promotion of the show brought another rent of life for all Kaira fans as Kartik underpins Naira in the court.

In the up and coming scene, Kartik’s legal advisor Damini feels free to uncover some official papers, which can demonstrate that Naira never needed to have a kid. She gets the papers from Goa, where Naira was remaining with Kairav while everybody thought she was dead. Damini presents the papers during the court’s hearing and starts blaming Naira for things which she never did. As Damini charges and humiliates Naira, Kartik exhaust with indignation and loses his cool on Damini. He shouts at her before the court and says, “How could you discuss my Naira in such a manner.” This occasion overwhelms everybody and Naira starts crying.

Watch the promotion here:

Obligingness : Star Plus

It appears Kartik and Naira’s gathering isn’t far. What do you feel? Drop in your remarks beneath.