YRKKH: Naira to Finally Confess Her Love for Kartik!

With Kairav being captured by Akshat for payment and afterward spared by Kartik and Naira, a ton of high-voltage dramatization can be seen on Star Plus’, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain. Naira and Kartik at last discover Kairav who was stole by Vedika’s ex and darling Akshat. Seeing Kartik and Naira coming, Akshat tosses Kairav down from the bluff. Fortunately, Kairav is spared by Vedika. Naira and Kartik are at last glad to see him.

A move arrangement likewise makes place among Kartik and Akshat where Kartik beats Akshat in an attack of fury. An enraged Naira enters the scene and starts beating Akshat with a wooden stick energetically for seizing her child and causing destruction in their lives.

Akshat attempting to spare himself tosses a stone at Naira that hits Kartik. Naira will be then observed running towards Kartik and revealing to him that she can’t give anything a chance to transpire. Before Kairav’s capturing track began we had seen that Kartik uncovered his affection for Naira however Naira couldn’t express her sentiments.

Will Vedika hear Naira’s affection admission for Kartik? What will Kartik say? By what means will Goenkas respond?

Stay tuned to know more.