Zaan Khan on why he loves being part of Humari Bahu Silk

Actor Zaan Khan, who is currently seen in the show Humari Bahu Silk, says that he loves being part of it. The actor loves playing his role as it is multi-layered and he has got a great response. “I am playing the role of a Gujarati boy who is very passionate about his photography, but his family conditions are such that his grandmother wants him to continue with the family business. The character has different layers and shades, a boy who wants to continue with his passion but due to the circumstances at home, he turns into a mature man, willing to take responsibility,” he says.

He adds, “I get many comments from my fans. They often tell me that they are really liking my work. During emotional scenes, people message me that they were literally crying when they saw my performance. Not only the youth but even aged women, my family and relatives love my work. I am doing my best. Let’s see what happens.”

However, the actor doesn’t relate to his character. “Not at all, because Naksh and Zaan are poles apart. I am very happy-go-lucky, chirpy, energetic, go-with-the-flow kind of a guy. But this character Naksh is a deep thinker and so there are no similarities, which is the best part. If there had been any similarities, I wouldn’t have enjoyed playing the character,” he says.

The show is high on drama and this helps the viewers stay connected and is completing 100 episodes (on 18th). “I don’t know about TRPs much but everybody loves drama and if the storyline is interesting then people wait the next day to see what will happen. The audiences get hooked on, so drama is important. I am happy that show is completing 100 episodes. Audiences are loving the current drama a lot,” he says.

Zaan loves working with the producers; Sudhanshu Tripathi, Devyani Rale and Jyoti Gupta. “I have got the best producers, they are my friends. I love them and they love me. All I can say is thank you for the opportunity to the three of them. The trust they showed in me is amazing and I want to make them proud,” he says.