This Zee TV actor is a certified commercial PILOT in real life!

Capable model-turned-on-screen character Nikhil Sabharwal who has amazed everybody with his striking great looks, acting abilities and etched physical make-up has one more concealed ability.

As of now observed assuming the part of Akshay, an armed force man in Zee TV’s sentimental dramedy Bin Kuch Kahe, Nikhil is a confirmed business pilot, in actuality.

Nikhil has unmistakably made considerable progress in his life from being a pilot to a looked for after TV heartthrob. Prior to the acting bug assumed control, he used to fly for Cessna Aircrafts in the Philippines. In any case, his energy for confronting the camera drove the good looking hunk displaying assignments, a vocation on TV and a part as Akshay Sharma in Bin Kuch Kahe.

Nikhil shares, “I figured out how to fly flying machines in Manila in Philippines at my flying school called Ace Pilots Aviation Academy. In the wake of getting a designing degree, I prepared in flight for 8 months in 2007. I flew as a learner with Cessna Aircrafts and flew a ten seater contract air ship called BN2A-21, Islander.

I returned to India and changed over my permit as the retreat had kicked in. Since I had begun demonstrating after my school and all through my designing years, I chose taking that up that once I returned from Philippines. I shot for a few TVC’s and in the end, that prompted a film and a show inside a year. I figure acting was my reason for living from the start!!”

In the up and coming scenes of Bin Kuch Kahe, the date of Myra and Akshay’s marriage gets settled in the Kohli house. Then again, Kabir guarantees Myra that he will get hitched to her. Who will Myra get married with? Kabir or Akshay?