Zee TV To Present a New Show on Surrogacy

Zee TV may have a constant topper on its hands these days in the form of Kundali Bhayga, where the spin-off continues to perform exceedingly well every week but has several plans for the future.

The channel already has a range of shows set for the pipeline ahead which include the likes of Brahmarakshas Season 2, Mera Pat Sirf Mera Hai and Apna Time Ayega among others.

And now, there’s another addition to that list of shows and that is titled on a still-tabooed topic in the society. The show will be based on surrogacy and is tentatively titled, Good News, which was also the title of the mega hit film that came back in December 2019. It is being said that the story will be based in Agra and will toggle around the relationship shared by a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law.

However, their world turns upside down when the girl gets to know that she cannot conceive a child and the mother-in-law decides to surrogate the child. She will agree to give birth to a child for her daughter-in-law.

While the idea of surrogacy may be on the same lines as of the film, the concept of the show overall seems to be totally different. What do you have to say about the same? Leave in your comments below