Zindagi Ki Mehek to UNDERGO a revamp; Karan Vohra to QUIT the show!

Off of late, Zindagi ki Mehek has been in the news for how the leads Karan Vohra and Samiksha Jaiswal had quit seeing eye to eye and enmity has crawled into their at first joyful work relationship, due to Karan’s better half Bella Vohra.

It was being said that Bella, who became desirous of Samiksha’s inviting nature towards her significant other, had gone onto the sets and had gone up against Samiksha about the same, because of which Samiksha and Karan have not been on benevolent terms for a long while.

What’s more, now, reports propose that the show is set out toward a patch up with an age jump which obviously will likewise present new characters. Also, with this jump, on-screen character Karan Vohra has put in his papers as he will never again be a piece of this show.

While the reports recommend that Karan will stop most likely’, Samiksha will keep on being a piece of the show.

While we couldn’t connect with either Samiksha nor Karan until the season of recording the story, our source additionally affirmed the news. Notwithstanding we’ve been informed that the time span of the jump is yet to be concluded, however the jump is going on without a doubt.

Presently we think about whether Karan will alter his opinion if its a littler jump. What do fans need to state?