Against all ODDS, this show goes on to achieve a REMARKABLE feat

What’s more, TV, as a channel, doesn’t have the ideal reputation as far as different shows doing great as far as getting enormous numbers. Yet, in the midst of every one of that, indicates like Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, Waaris and others have figured out how to perform well and support for a significant lot of time as well.

A year ago, the devotees of performing artist Neha Saxena got extremely energized as she was good to go to return to the little screen with And TV’s Siddhi Vinayak. While everything appeared to be stunning, Neha went ahead to stop the show following a couple of long periods of runtime. The numbers for the show weren’t too great either, where performing artist Farnaz Shetty was acquired as the substitution.

Relatively few would have put down their wagers on the show figuring out how to manage, however now, after this time, it has, truth be told, accomplished an astounding accomplishment of finishing a stunning 200 scenes.

Truly! It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Siddhi Vinayak finished 200 scenes and Farnaz alongside the entire cast and group commended this event

We wish the group heaps of congrats!