Amit Dolawat’s pranks keep everyone entertained on the sets of Dev 2′

Who doesn’t love a tad of fun? In the midst of frenzied calendars, it’s basic for the cast and group to take a load off at times, and the fun remainder on the arrangements of Dev 2 is dialed up by Amit Dolawat who plays Inspector Narvekar in this investigative spine chiller.

Sources from the set reveal to us that Amit keeps the whole cast and team engaged on the sets with his consistent tricks. Clearly, multi day, not surprisingly, the group was getting ready for the shoot and Amit circumvented telling individuals that they will shoot in an outside area for a couple of scenes. Everybody got energized and a couple of group individuals chose to prepare their international IDs and records. At last, Amit broke out giggling as he couldn’t hold his diversion any more and admitted that he had set this trick on them.

Such cases regularly help up the disposition and help increase the spirits on the sets. What’s progressively – at whatever point Amit is near, the group is currently on high alarm, sitting tight for the following trick to unfurl.

Discussing the same, Amit stated, “We as a whole shoot for extend periods of time and it gets tiring for us. I generally play such tricks to help the state of mind for everybody. Try to play such tricks with a straight face and everybody succumbs to it. However, jokes separated, everybody on set is an incredible game and it’s great to blend some play with all the diligent work that we put in making Dev 2 enchanting for watchers.”

Very some fun that is, would it say it isn’t?