Anchal Sahu is completely justifying the role of Bondita: Bhavya Sachdeva of Barrister Babu

Colors’ show ‘Barrister Babu’ is getting all the love and adulations from the fans. Actress Anchal Sahu plays the character of grown up Bondita in the show. The show is produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions and has a stellar star cast including actors like Pravisht Mishra, Rishi Khurana, Anchal Sahu, Saiya Siddiqui, Bhavya Sachdeva, Pallavi Mukherjee among others.

In a candid chat with India Forums, Bhavya Sachdeva opened up on Anchal Sahu’s performance as Bondita. Bhavya was all praises for the actress. He said, “Anchal and I joined the show at almost the same time. I am as new to this show as her. The sheer will to pick up the well-established character of Bondita with such high standards set by Aurra, calls for determination and passion. Anchal is completely justifying the role of Bondita. She has successfully given life to Vaijyanti, the south-Indian disguise of Bondita. She has the opportunity to show more emotions as the adult Bondita. I am confident that she will keep making everyone proud of her”.

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When asked about his first impression of Anchal, Bhavya added, “I remember seeing her for the first time when she was shooting for the new promo in Gujarat. I could see certain resemblance between Aurra and Anchal. To be honest, I wanted to see how she performs as Bondita and I must say I was impressed”.

Talking about his character graph in the show, Bhavya said, “Chandrachur is willing to cross all boundaries for his love. He cannot withstand anything or anyone in his way including Anirudh. He has let his hatred towards Anirudh be fermented over the years and now Chandrachur is the sole toxic catalyst between the two villages. He has already laid plans to separate Anirudh and Bondita and will continue to do so until he wins over his love Bondita”.