Another pivotal character to RETURN to ‘Ishqbaaaz’

Ishqbaaaz appears to have returned in time not simply as far as the storyline, but rather bringing back old performing artists too. Navina Bole otherwise known as Tia has been seen on and off in the show, and just as of late we saw the arrival of Priyanka (Shivaay’s sister) in the Oberoi house also.

What’s more, now, there’s yet another reentry all set to occur in the show, and it is none other than that of Karan Khanna otherwise known as Daksh. Daksh will be Tia’s more youthful sibling, and will be appeared to marry Shivaay’s sister, Priyanka.

Due to Daksh and Priyanka’s marriage, Shivaay is left with no other choice yet to wed Tia, regardless of whether it is for his sister. With the given unforeseen development occurring in the show, odds are that simply like such a significant number of times before, this time too their marriage won’t occur.

All things considered, we do realize that ShivIka is perpetually, would it say it isn’t?