Anupamaa: Maya requests Anuj to let her stay at Kapadiya mansion for another month

The current track of Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ revolves around Anuj and Maya going for Choti Anu’s picnic. Anupamaa was keen on going for the same but Anuj asked her not to as she would be occupied with worrying about Toshu. With a heavy heart, Anupamaa lets them go for the picnic while Shah family members requests her to stay back at their house and have a gaming night.

In the upcoming episodes, Anupamaa dances on a song. Family members cheer her up. At the picnic spot, Maya dances and adores Anuj. Anupamaa imagines dancing with Anuj while he imagines dancing with Anupamaa. They both miss each other. Anuj makes Choti Anu sleep while Maya enters. They share a conversation. She requests Anuj to let her stay at his house for another month.

Maya gets emotional and says that either of them will have pain as Choti will chose one among her and Anuj-Anupamaa and she feels she is at the losing part and wants to spend more time with Choti Anu to have a bag full of memories with her. Anuj agrees for the same. Maya feels happy. Anuj leaves the tent and goes to his separate tent. He leaves his phone at Maya’s tent.

Anupamaa calls Anuj anxiously but Maya disconnects the call. Anu calls Maya but she disconnects her call which makes Anupamaa more anxious. Vanraj comes there and starts a conversation. Anupamaa isn’t interested in the same. Kavya and Leela argue. Furthermore, Anupamaa lashes out at Vanraj while Kavya asks Anuj if he would like to go on a walk. They see a mysterious man.