Anupamaa: THIS actor returns to the show; Vanraj lashes out at the Shah family

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ has kept the fans hooked to the show. The current track of the show revolves around Anupamaa deciding to never step into the Shah house ever again post getting supremely humiliated by Vanraj, Pakhi and Toshu. Pakhi has realized her mistake but Vanraj has asked her to not apologize and sort things with Anupamaa as he don’t want to have good relations with Kapadiya family. Samar thanks Anuj for investing 10 lakhs for him and Anuj asks him to not mention it in front of anyone. Barkha overhears this and feel insecure.

In the upcoming episodes, Kavya, Kinjal, Bapuji, Mamaji and Dolly plan to go to Anu’s house. Vanraj and Leela try to stop them but in vain. Pakhi also wishes to accompany them to Kapadiya house but Vanraj asks her to not go and she takes her step back. At Kapadiya house, little Anu waits for Shah family. She informs and apologizes to Anuj and Anu for calling the Shah family over. Anuj and Anu comfort the kid and just when they feel no one would come from the family. Bapuji and the others enter the house with a smile. Anu gets happy and they rejoice.

Furthermore, Bhavesh, Anupamaa’s brother played by actor Mehul Nisar enters the show and Kapadiya house. Anu gets happy and the entire family dances. Vanraj feels lonely and loses her calm. When the family returns from the celebration, Vanraj lashes out at them for leaving him and Baa alone on a festive day.

In the forthcoming episodes, as per promo, Anuj will be seen bed-ridden while Anupamaa’s struggle will yet again began while Anupamaa and little Anu will wait for Anuj’s recovery.