Anupamaa: Vanraj to slap Toshu for misbehaving with Anupamaa

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is ridding high on success. The current track of the show revolves around Kavya ditching Pakhi at the last moment for her dance performance. Anupamaa comes to her rescue. Meanwhile, Paritosh aka Toshu lashes out at Anupamaa and family for not letting him decide about his life.

In the upcoming episode, Pakhi patches up with Anupamaa and tells her that it’s because she misbehaved with her that she is facing so many problems. The mother-daughter duo hug it out and decide to perform together on a performance that they had done years ago. Pakhi- Anupamaa rock the stage and gain a lot of appreciation. The audience demands to not disqualify the duo for violating the rules. Pakhi take the mike and gives a beautiful speech and also apologizes to her mother. The judges adhere to the viewers demand and keep them in the competition. Furthermore, Pakhi and Anupamaa win the competition. The family rejoices at their win.

While Anupamaa mends her differences with Pakhi, the problems related to Paritosh still exist. Toshu wants to leave the family and stay separately with Kinjal. While the family have decided to let them go, Kinjal isn’t ready for the same. Toshu has been blaming Anupamaa for Kinjal’s stubborn mind-set.

In the forthcoming episodes, Paritosh has a showdown with the family wherein he talks arrogantly with everyone and tells them that he has not been given the freedom of deciding the course of his life. The argument intensifies when Paritosh states that he will pay back money to Vanraj for all the expenses he had to bear in his growing up years. He further misbehaves with Anu. Vanraj looses his cool and plants a slap on Toshu’s face.

Looks like a lot of high voltage drama is going to unfold in the show. Are you excited for the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa? Hit the comment section below.

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