Ashi Singh to play a dramatic character of ‘Manjiri’ in Zee TV show ‘Meet’ while Meet Hooda goes missing

Zee TV’s popular fiction show, Meet, has made a special place for itself in the audience’s hearts since its premiere. The inspirational show presents the story of Meet Hooda (Ashi Singh), who mirrors several women across the nation, fighting societal norms of gender roles regarding work and responsibilities. While Ashi Singh has been acing the role of Meet Hooda, the viewers are in for a treat as the show is all set to witness a leap of 6 months, which will see her in an all-new avatar!

In the upcoming episodes, after Meet Hooda delivers her baby, the evil Manushi (Sharain Khanduja) will be seen replacing the baby with a stillborn child. While everyone will be shattered thinking that Meet’s negligence resulted in such a tragedy, she will find out about Manushi’s evil plan and will try to find her real baby. However, amidst all these twists and turns, Meet will go missing and that’s when the show will take a 6-month leap. Post the leap, we will see the introduction of a new character – Manjiri (played by Ashi Singh), who is a coy, Gujarati girl and while she looks exactly like Meet Hooda, she is quite the opposite in terms of her characteristics. She is a garba dancer who stays with her grandmother and loves to dress up and dance to any tune. With Meet Hooda gone, we will also see how Meet Ahlawat has become a stubborn and workaholic gut, who is focused only on his business and work life. However, he will meet Manjiri and will confuse her with Meet Hooda. He will soon realise that she is Manjiri, but he will still convince her to come to their home and enact as Meet Hooda as his father is really unwell and wishes to meet Meet Hooda before he dies!

The upcoming episodes will create a lot of comedy, confusion, and drama for the audience, as some moments will make you feel that she is Meet who has changed her look, while other instances will make you believe that she is not Meet but Manjiri.

As Ashi Singh mentions, “The upcoming episodes of Meet are going to be really exciting for the viewers as the show is going to take a leap of 6 months and the drama will surely keep everyone glued to their seats. In fact, post leap, I will be seen in a fresh new avatar as Manjiri, who is completely different from Meet Hooda. The only common element they share is their face. Her characteristics are completely different. This makes it really exciting for me as the new character not only gives me a fresh challenge, but the character of Manjiri is also very relatable for me as a person. Like her, I also love dancing and dressing up. I truly believe that the leap, my character’s introduction into the show, and the comedy that follows will surely entertain one and all. I just really hope our audience continues to shower us with their love and respect.”

While Manjiri’s entry into the Ahlawat house will bring about various twists and turns, the audience will surely be hooked as they witness her acting as Meet Hooda and trying to fulfil Rajvardhan’s wish