Ashish Dixit in Zee TV’s ‘Aapke Aa Jane Se’

Zee TV’s Aapke Aa Jane Se is one of the well known shows which has been entralling the watchers with it’s interesting storyline and astonishing exhibitions.

The story rotates around a multi year old Sahil Agarwal (Karan Jotwani) who falls in for a multi year elderly person, Vedika Mathur who is a moderate and free widow and a mother.

The famous show is prepared to observe some real turns in the plot with another passage.

As per reports, on-screen character Ashish Dixit has been reserved to add on some dramatization in the show. He’ll play a character named Guddu Pandey, who enter the show as Jackie’s sibling and Jackie will need him to wed Aarya in the coming plot.

Ashish is known for his job in Zee TV’s show Dil Dhoondta Hai.

As we effectively announced, Jackie, Sahil’s clone has gone into the house and in the end Vedika will come to think about Jackie’s reality.

We are anticipating watch Ashish Dixit in the show, would you say you are energized for it? Remark underneath.