Barrister Babu: Chandrachur decides to attack and kill Anirudh

Colors Barrister Babu has been keeping its audience glued to the show with its interesting twist and turns.

Finally Anirudh realizes his love for Bondita, finally!. Anirudh dreams of Bondita. He imagines her everywhere. He gets happy with the feeling that he is in love with Bondita.

Bondita on countering Sumati in front of her, remembers about her promise to her. She lets all the letters to get burnt. Later, Bondita reaches tailor’s shop to collect clothes and that is where we show Anirudh waiting for her. Anirudh pulls Bondita aside to talk to her. Anirudh pleads to her for one chance but Bondita walks away hurt.

Chandrachur finds the gun that Anirudh had left in tailor shop and decides to attack and kill Anirudh with the same.

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And when Anirudh tries telling Bondita his feelings in mela, Chaandrachur spots them and aims a gun at Anirudh. But someone hit stone at Chandtachur’s hand and Anirudh get saved.

Watch out this space to know more about the track.