BB 11: Vikas Warns Shilpa; Priyank Says He Is Protective Of Vikas;Shilpa & Hina Hide Money In A Task

Bigg Boss 11 gets all the more intriguing with each passing day. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta are seen battling since the start of the show. Them two don’t get along and Shilpa continues attacking Vikas. This time, Vikas accomplished something astonishing to prevent Shilpa from assaulting him! Additionally, Bigg Boss will declare the current week’s extravagance spending assignment. Read on to know more . . . Vikas Warns Shilpa In a current scene, Shilpa was seen prodding Vikas by taking Parth’s name before Puneesh. This went poorly with Vikas and he cautioned her that he will uncover her undertaking with Romit Raj. This was to make her quiet! Shilpa-Romit Shilpa and Romit Raj were good to go to get hitched in Goa in 2009. Shilpa’s wedding dress and adornments were likewise prepared, yet the marriage got drop as Shilpa was occupied with her work. Is Priyank Gay? In an inconspicuous video on Voot, Priyank is seen examining his sexual introduction. He is found in the garden territory with Benafsha and Sabyasachi. He is seen enlightening them regarding an episode from his school days. Priyank Shares His School Days Story He was seen telling that he had a companion, who was presumably gay and was the aim of jokes. Yet, Priyank stood firm for him and since Priyank was mainstream in school, nobody set out to ridicule his companion. Priyank Is Protective About Vikas Priyank includes, similar to his school companion, he is defensive of Vikas also and says that he couldn’t care less what individuals say in regards to him and Vikas. He included that he is straight similar to a line and if individuals don’t get it, it’s not his error. Is Dhinchak In Love With Luv? In the past scene, when everybody rests, Dhinchak Pooja was seen telling Akash and Arshi that she has begun enjoying Luv Tyagi! Extravagance Budget Task In the up and coming scene, Bigg Boss declares extravagance spending assignment, BB Cushion Factory. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta are heading the groups. The assignment is to make pads and pitch them to the heads at high costs. Vikas and Shilpa get into a contention amid the assignment. Hina and Shilpa Hide Money Also, Hina and Shilpa are seen taking assignment cash from Vikas’ locker. Hina shrouds the cash in a parcel of clean napkins, while Shilpa conceals it inside her gasp! At the point when Vikas becomes acquainted with that his cash is stolen he gets relentless enraged and rejects Shilpa’s pads!