BB 15: As Tejasswi tries to sort out things with Karan, latter taunts her saying makers are with her

It was a Karan Kundrra slamdown this past week on Weekend Ka Vaar where he was almost constantly bogged down by host Salman Khan for not taking stand for Tejasswi Prakash or not supporting her in general.

While Kundrra did receive some support from guest Divya Agarwal but the eviction of Umar Riaz further brought his spirits down. One would have expected Kundrra change things with Prakash but that led to a confrontation not many would have expected.

In a conversation, Prakash questions the “depth” in friendship that he has with Shamita Shetty. She also questions him about Riaz peaking ill behind her back and Kundrra’s intention. Kundrra, who is in a torn state asks Prakash to leave him alone but she refuses. They have an argument and Kundrra tells her that he’s always portrayed as the “villain” and she has the support of the audience and the makers, now what else does she want from him.

Kundrra also shares that he never felt so humiliated in his entire career of 13 years and wants to build his reputation in the leftover weeks. Tejasswi tries to get a justification from Karan while he requests to not trigger her. He further says that everything is about her.

Prakash also questions his friendship with Nishant Bhat. Kundrra tries to make his point where he says that he is aware about his language and angry nature. He further shares with her that nobody asked him why he behaved in that particular manner. Kundrra also said that the “ladies” who came during the Weekend Ka Vaar targeted him for it.

Kundrra calmly makes Prakash understand that he’s only made two friendships in the house, with Riaz and her. With Riaz evicted, he expects her to support him.

Ultimately, Kundrra and Prakash, as usual, sorted out their differences after learning that the season has been extended by two weeks and called her to be his “strength”.