#BB12: A desi twist comes to the the luxury budget task!

Bigg Boss house has a desi makeover during the current week’s extravagance spending assignment. To give the contenders a trace of what was in store for them, Bigg Boss woke up the candidates to the melody Desi Girl’. The current week’s extravagance spending undertaking was called BB Panchayat. The house is separated into two gatherings – Team Dipika with Romil, Sree Santh and Megha and Team Deepak with Rohit, Karanvir and Surbhi. Deepak and Dipika were the mukhiya of their groups and Jasleen and Somi were the sarpanch. Everybody needed to take on the appearance of per their characters allocated to them. Deepak and Dipika needed to introduce their bodies of evidence and make claims against the candidates of the contrary group and announce why they are not reasonable to remain in the Bigg Boss house. Somi and Jasleen needed to choose the most grounded charge among them and call the competitors for a preliminary. In view of the contention displayed by both the group, the sarpanch needed to choose whose contention was the most grounded and announce the victor.

Dipika’s first charge was on Surbhi for being phony and Deepak claimed Romil for his twofold gauges. A considerable measure of warmed contentions among the groups were viewed as them two endeavored to shield one another. Both Deepak and Dipika had introduced solid contentions for their lawyer making it troublesome for Somi and Jasleen to give their judgment.

Will Somi and Jasleen have the capacity to give a reasonable judgment or will there be an unfairness for favoring their companions?