#BB12: One mistake leads to multiple repercussions in the Bigg Boss house

At the point when rules are laid they should be pursued, on the off chance that they aren’t then results ought to be dealt with well. As the week is nearing an end, it was presently time for the Captain of the house to assign three challengers who might need to surrender the extravagances of the primary house. This time rather than collectively choosing the casualties of Kaalkothri, Bigg Boss declared that the Captain of the house Romil will choose who he needs to send to the Kaalkothri premise the standards broken by them. Different competitors were asked to exclusively propose three names to him and safeguard themselves from the discipline. Romil was given 3 tickets to give out to the challenger most deserving of being sent to the Kaalkothri.

Romil’s first choice was to send Megha. His charge was the monstrous battle among Deepak and her. In spite of the fact that, she attempted to safeguard herself, everybody concurred that she should be sent to the correctional facility, to which he obliged and gave over the principal ticket. Second assignment was of Shivashish, for undermining Deepak with a battle. Shivashish differ and declined to take the ticket, he stayed unyielding on his choice. Bigg Boss gave him a notice saying that whatever the chief chooses, must be pursued. Be that as it may, Shivashsh’s tenacity on not following even Bigg Boss’ requests was a noteworthy stun.

A startling assertion was upheld on the hopefuls for Shivashish’s bad conduct. Bigg Boss was chafed at him for not playing by the standard and cautioned him that in the event that he didn’t tune in to the Captain the whole house will endure its repercussions. Tuning in to this the whole house turned cool towards Shivashish who in the end went and wailed in the washroom for his presumptuous conduct. It wasn’t an unexpected when Sreesanth, his solitary companion, upheld him for this.

Afterward, a fun extravagance spending errand was reported for the competitors called Garnier Men Acno battle undertaking. There were two groups in the house Team Romil and Team Rohit. A deterrent course was determined to the garden region and they needed to gather the bulletins with the extravagance things while experiencing the obstructions. At last they needed to wash their face with a Garnier facewash. One who completed the race in the briefest time, won the errand and just that group was qualified for appreciate the extravagance things earned by them.

Will Bigg Boss’ choice have any impact on the candidates or will they keep on being presumptuous?