#BB12 : What! Surbhi Rana gets the advantage to nominate the entire team in the nomination task

Bigg Boss 12 has entered its eleventh week and gradually achieving a urgent stage. Mindful of this reality, the hopefuls are playing their diversion with sincere expectation with the end goal to win the show. Techniques are being made, and companions are transforming into enemies on the grounds that’s everybody will probably win the show.

The week in the Bigg Boss house starts on a scary note as a result of the assignments for the week. To make a feeling of excite among the hopefuls, Bigg Boss reported a LOC errand for the designation procedure. Surbhi Rana being the commander of the house, was given her preferred expert to name hopefuls. The house was isolated into two groups – one with Dipika, Jasleen, Deepak and Romil and the other with Karanvir, Sree Santh, Somi and Rohit. The garden region was isolated into equal parts and both the groups must be in the their LOCs. Denotars and bunks with candidate’s name were spread around the garden region. After each blast clamor, Surbhi needed to take the name of the candidate she needed to designate alongside a reason. Post that she needed to utilize the detonator to explode the bunk of that contender.

Another curve in the assignment was that on the off chance that Surbhi designated three challengers from one group, that whole group would be selected during the current week and the other would be spared. Megha was at that point assigned by Bigg Boss a week ago for her trouble making with Deepak.

Which group will Surbhi pick and who all will join Megha during the current week’s end?