Bepanah Pyaar: Mysterious diary finally reveals truth about Bani’s murder

The untold privileged insights of the past and the purpose for Bani’s demise will at long last be uncovered in the up and coming track in Bepanah Pyaar.

Raghbir and Bani’s enthusiastic romantic tale tragically reached an end when Bani met with a mishap and passed on.

Indeed, even after Pragati and Raghbir got hitched, Bani’s spirit frequents Pragati to pass on a message.

Lastly, the fact of the matter is uncovered to Pragati when she gets a journal from Bani’s room.

Pragati is stunned when she learns reality about the homicide.

Pragati uncovers this to Raghbir, who is likewise paralyzed.

It will premium perceive how Pragati and Raghbir find out about the subtleties of and purpose for the homicide.

The account of Bepanah Pyaar spins around two darlings, one of whom kicks the bucket in a shocking mishap. In any case, the other isn’t prepared to overlook her and sees her wherever notwithstanding being hitched to another lady now. The show highlights Pearl V Puri, Ishita Dutta, Aparna Dixit, and Devika Singh ahead of the pack jobs.