Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’s actor, Rohitashv Gour, celebrates his birthday with family and friends!

Rohitashv Gour, who plays Manmohan Tiwari in &TV’s cult comedy show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, turned 56 recently. On the day of his birthday, his darling daughters, Giti and Sanjiti, surprised him at home with a surprise party. There was also a cake-cutting celebration on the sets for Rohitashv, where his co-stars Aasif Sheikh and Shubhangi Atre, along with writer Manoj Santoshi and director Shashank Bali, celebrated his special day.

Speaking about his birthday celebration, Rohitashv Gour (Manmohan Tiwari) says,

“Last year, I spent my birthday at home with my family due to COVID. However, this year I first celebrated my birthday with my family, as they gave me a wonderful surprise by decorating the house and inviting a few close friends over. Any celebration for me would be incomplete without the Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai team, who I also call my extended family. They also organised a cake for me, and I cannot thank each of them enough for coming to the celebration and making it memorable for me. This celebration will always hold a special place in my heart because it will be counted as one of my favourite birthday memories.”

Expressing his gratitude towards his fans, Rohitshav adds,

“My birthdays are always special to me since I get reminded of all the wonderful years I’ve lived with some amazing people. It feels like a family to me when I see people who like me on screen, watch me, or love me. Therefore, I thank my fans and hope they continue to support me until the very end. This year has been wonderful in terms of work, family, and accomplishments. Thanks to my family and fans’ support. ”

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