Bhakharwadi: Abhishek & Mahendra Find A Way to Enter Anna’s House!

In a steady exertion to make harmony between the Gokhales and Thakkars and bringing the love birds Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) and Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) together, Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi has seen different wanders aimlessly. This cut of life show keeps on keeping the watchers snared with its cheerful storyline.

Set against the setting of Pune, Bhakharwadi is a humorous interpretation of ideological contrasts between a Marathi and Gujarati family rivaling each other in the bhakharwadi business and that’s just the beginning. With the affection winged creatures, Gayatri and Abhishek going separate ways directly after their marriage, the show is set to take the most surprising turn in the up and coming scenes.

The show is seeing a noteworthy tussle between the Gokhales and Thakkars where Abhishek as a loyal child in-law is supporting Mahendra (Paresh Ganatra) and Urmila (Bhakti Rathod) while Gayatri is helping Anna (Deven Bhojani). While Abhishek is as yet banished from going into his very own home, Mahendra has at long last made sense of an approach to rejoin his adored little girl, Gayatri and his child in-law, Abhishek.

Anna chooses to enlist a few partners for Gayatri and then again, Abhishek reports that he is leaving for Bangalore without taking Anna’s consent or educating anybody. Finding out about Anna’s quest for two female assistants, Abhishek and Mahendra camouflage themselves as Chandramukhi and Sulakshana. These two ‘women’ advance toward Anna’s home while dazzling the spectators in the city.

Paresh Ganatra, trying the job of Mahendra stated, “It was extremely bizarre going for the up and coming turn on the show since I needed to assume a lady’s job. I should concur that it is trying to dress as a lady yet we truly appreciated the procedure on the set. I was stunned when I initially got into the look and saw myself in a Navvari saari and the gems. The up and coming scenes will be silly and simultaneously will raise the energy remainder of the show. So continue viewing Bhakharwadi to observe what Chandramukhi and Sulakshana are arranging.”

Akshay Kelkar, attempting the job of Abhishek stated, “For me it was a totally new encounter and I delighted in all of it. It is extraordinary test as a craftsman to execute as a contrary sexual orientation. The storyline is extremely entertaining and intriguing and I am certain our crowds will appreciate the up and coming scenes. I need to likewise thank our watchers for the love and bolster they are giving us and I guarantee all of you that I will continue satisfying your desires by engaging you with my presentation.”

Will Anna delegate ‘Chandramukhi’ and ‘Sulakshana’ as aides? Will Abhishek and Mahendra be effective in their arrangement? Let us know in remarks beneath.