Bigg Boss 11 EXTRA DOSE: Akash Dadlani Wears Hina Khan’s Night Suit; Fans Find Him Funny!

A considerable measure of things occur inside the Bigg Boss house. Be that as it may, we get the opportunity to observe just a single piece of it on TV because of the time limitation and on the grounds that hopefuls utilize words which are unfit to be appeared on national TV. Be that as it may, these recordings are distributed on Voot in the Unseen/Uncut/Extra Dose segments. In one of the additional measurement recordings, Akash was seen wearing Hina Khan’s night suits and fans discover him interesting. Read on… Hina’s Night Suits Hina says she has 25 night suits, on the off chance that she remains in the house till the finale additionally, she will have the capacity to utilize just 17 night suits! She inquires as to whether Shilpa could attempt a couple of them, however Shilpa says they won’t fit her. Puneesh proposes that Hina that she could keep 2-3 additional suits in the event that something happens to her dress. Hina Asks Shilpa To Try Her Night Suits While Shilpa reveals to Hina that she will attempt one, Vikas tells Akash, as well, can attempt a couple. Puneesh likewise needs to attempt one, however Hina says that they are not for young men. Luv and Akash Want To Wear Hina’s Night Suits Luv and Akash compel Hina to give them her night suits as they need to attempt them on. Hina feels they won’t fit Luv, yet since Akash is thin, it may fit him. Akash even chooses a couple of night suits that are somewhat boyish and tries them on. Akash Wears Hina’s Night Suits! One of the night suits fits Akash so consummately that Vikas requests that he wear it amid the end of the week. Hina requests that him not wear it on the end of the week. Akash is likewise awed with the suit and wears a couple of chains with the night suit on to perceive what he looks like. Fans Find Akash Funny In Hina’s Night Suit: Fans Tweets @DrBagadam: This is very interesting … akash wear french sear night suit on WKV … wooow soo energized. @AdamLost4Ever: #AakashDadlani Is To Funny. Muskan Irfan: ‏Hilarious😂😂😂 Nikki 🎤 “He is damn funny😂😂widout him @BiggBoss Will b useles no wrth watchng his honesty exitmnt like a child is so charming nobody can deny it D way he said ye mein end of the week pe pehnunga wow😂😂 @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND @rajcheerfull Please bolster Akash we have to C dis side of him every day.” Tee ❤️ 😘 😀 “#akashdadlani performer influenced us to grin made us furious through his battles influenced us to love him through his companionships stunned us with his strategies #akash meriting candidate in #bb11 merit top3 yet he is an everyday person so wont get it even he serve it @BiggBoss @BeingSalmanKhan @ColorsTV.” @LuVinaFC “Akash has worn Hina’s night suit…And he looks so damn clever! 😂😂 And our #HinaKhan is so practical. She is putting forth her additional night suits ❤️ #HinaKhan #BB11 #MTVExtraDose.”