Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Slams Akash & Priyank; Luv Dresses Like A Girl; Arshi Acts Pregnant!

The opposition in the Bigg Boss 11 house is getting harder with each passing day. As of late, we saw the relatives and companions going to the hopefuls amid the extravagance spending errand, which tried the enthusiastic control and persistence of the housemates. The most recent extravagance spending assignment, BB Lab as well, tests the persistence of the housemates. Read on to know the features of yesterday’s (December 12) scene… Akash Apologizes to Shilpa Shinde hammers Akash Dadlani for intersection his points of confinement by kissing her on her cheeks. Akash battles back, yet later he apologizes. Shilpa feels that she as well, wasn’t right as she enabled him to go over the edge. Extravagance Budget Task, BB Lab Bigg Boss reports extravagance spending undertaking, BB Lab. Amid the assignment, the competitors are partitioned into two groups. Each time the bell rings, one group will be seen constraining the contrary colleagues’ to uncover their actual feelings! BB Lab Teams Shilpa, Vikas, Arshi and Luv are laborers of the lab, will’s identity seen testing Hina, Akash, Priyank and Hiten’s (who are robots) tolerance. Puneesh Sharma is sanchalak of the assignment. Vikas Gupta Instigates Everyone! Vikas Gupta doesn’t leave any opportunity to make the robots Hina, Priyank and Akash respond. He affects every last one of them. Vikas Abuses Akash! Vikas calls Akash, a monstrous individual, ridicules his work (rap) and even misuse him for his conduct in the house. Vikas Provokes Priyank Vikas tries to incite Priyank Sharma by reprimanding him for Benafsha Soonawala’s expulsion. He lashes out at him for examining about his sexuality with Hina, and calls him a womanizer. Vikas Exposes Priyank and Divya’s Relationship! He likewise uncovered Priyank and Divya Agarwal’s relationship. Vikas reveals to Priyank that he faked his association with Divya for a reality appear! Arshi Tries To Make Hina Cry By Taking Ro’s Name Arshi tries to influence Hina to cry by taking her beau, Ro’s (Rocky) name. She even tries to recall the lines that he had kept in touch with Hina to let it know before Hina so she can make her cry! Shilpa and Vikas Call Hina, A Hypocrite Also, Shilpa tries to influence Hina to cry by calling her a decent performer who cries a considerable measure! She and Vikas call her a deceiver. Luvs Dresses Like A Girl To Make Others Laugh When the Bigg Boss requests that they make Hina, Priyank, Hiten and Akash chuckle; Shilpa, Vikas, Arshi and Luv effectively influence them to giggle as Luv wears a wig and acts like a young lady. Arshi Tells She Is Pregnant and Hiten Is Father Of Her Twin Babies! Arshi stuffs toys inside her dress and acts like a pregnant woman. She remains before Hiten and discloses to him that it is Hiten’s infant. At the point when Shilpa asks Hiten, similar to whom the child (toy) looks like, Hiten giggles! Akash Wants To Take Revenge On Vikas had manhandled Akash and the last isn’t prepared to excuse him. Akash chooses to deliver retribution on Vikas the following day, amid their turn. Additionally, Hina and Priyank were seen examining with reference to how Vikas stooped down only for an errand. Akash Asks Arshi To Befriend Shilpa! Akash requests that Arshi get to know Shilpa. Akash and Arshi feel that they have made Shilpa famous! Indeed, we should state that Shilpa and Arshi were great as companions, (not on the grounds that Arshi will be favored in the event that she is with Shilpa, however they are enjoyable to observe together).