Bigg Boss 11’s Shilpa & Vikas Reunite At Sabyasachi’s Birthday Bash; Clarify About Marriage Rumours!

Bigg Boss Season 11 is finished, yet the headache is still on. Fans are as yet following their most loved challengers, particularly the champ of the truth appear, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta. It must be reviewed that the Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai on-screen character and the maker, Vikas Gupta were not in great terms amid the underlying days in the Bigg Boss 11 house, however later they progressed toward becoming companions, on account of the designation assignment (which is the point at which they moved toward becoming companions). Shilpa and Vikas The Bigg Boss 11 fans wanted to watch them battle, however they loved them considerably more when they moved toward becoming companions. A couple of passionate fans nicknamed them ShiKas and needed them to wed. Shilpa and Vikas’ To Tie The Knot? There were likewise gossipy tidbits that the couple may get hitched on the show (for an assignment), which obviously, didn’t occur. Indeed, even after the show got over, there were hypotheses that Shilpa and Vikas would get married! Shilpa and Vikas At Sabyasachi’s Birthday Bash But, the couple has at long last put the wedding bits of gossip to rest. As of late, to praise his uncommon day, Sabyasachi sorted out a bash at Yeda Republic, Juhu. Bandgi, Puneesh and Shilpa At Sabyasachi’s Birthday Bash The toxic acquaintances, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta and the lovebirds, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma of Bigg Boss 11 house went to Sabyasachi’s birthday bash. Akash Dadlani, Mehajabi Siddiqui, Jyoti Kumari and Shilpa’s sibling Ashutosh Shinde as well, were spotted at the gathering. Shilpa and Vikas’ Cute Moment! Before celebrating, the challengers communicated with the media. Shilpa and Vikas, who obviously touched base at the setting in the meantime, embraced each other. In any case, amid the collaboration with media, however Vikas was with her, she tongue in cheek stated, “Kaun Vikas Gupta, Vikas Gupta kidhar hai?” Vikas was seen prodding her by coming before her! This was undoubtedly a sweet minute to watch, particularly for ShiKas fans! Vikas Clarifies About His Wedding Rumor With Shilpa Also, when Vikas was asked in regards to his marriage gossipy tidbits with Shilpa, he declined to remark on it! In any case, later, when Spotboye got some information about the bits of gossip, he cleared up, “Do you truly trust that I will wed Shilpa or the other way around? I have no plans to wed her. This talk is completely ridiculous.” Shilpa Clarifies About Her Wedding Rumor With Vikas Shilpa as well, told the stimulation gateway, “Kuch bhi! Great that you called me and I trust that this puts swaying tongues to rest that Vikas and I will wed is the greatest joke of the year. Some imbeciles are spreading this gossip, clearly they have no work.” Shilpa Says… . “It was additionally being said that we are seeing someone is likewise not genuine. As I revealed to you a day or two ago, I need to avoid men and have no plans of going into marriage for a long while. It would be ideal if you let me have an existence.” ‘Individuals Are Just Making Wild Guesses At My Expense!’ “My life has turned into a joke after Bigg Boss 11. Sometimes I’m dogged about my whereabouts and plans – and it agonies to see that individuals are simply making wild speculations to my detriment.” Bandgi and Shilpa Coming back to Sabya’s birthday party, Bandgi Kalra shared a photo snapped with Shilpa Shinde, and stated, “At whatever point we meet, we grin ❤️😁 Shilpaaaaa❤️❤️❤️.” Mehajabi and Shilpa Meanwhile, before celebrating, Shilpa commended her triumph with fans, family and companions. Mehajabi was available when Shilpa cut the cake, which had “Champ – Bigg Boss Season 11 Colors” composed on it. Shilpa Writes… Sharing a photo on Twitter, Shilpa stated, “In our industry #ShilpaShinde cases continue rehashing n what each of her/him needs is bolster… Ppl whom I cannot thank enough in my BBjourney… @RealVinduSingh ji @iampritampyaare @isalilsand @SumitkadeI @RiaRevealed @Payal_Rohatgi @the_sneha @DollyBindra @IamDelnazzIrani #RakhiSawant.”