Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant and Sonali Phogat to fight for captaincy this week

Bigg Boss 14 is grabbing eyeballs and it is all thanks to the contestants, who are making the show worth watching. We have already reported about Arshi Khan being out of the captaincy task as she broke the rules of the house. During her fight with Rubina, she broke Bigg Boss’ property, for which she gets punished.

As Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task for this week, the house is divided into two teams – the rats and scientists. The scientists will offer a rat two medicines, ,Red (Poison) and Green(Safe), if the rat eats green medicine then he/she has the authority to replace any one scientist. However, if a rat eats red medicine, then he/she is out of the captaincy race.

And according to the reports, Bigg Boss house gets two contenders for the captaincy task, namely Rakhi Sawant and Sonali Phogat. Now it will be interesting to see who among the two queens will become the captain of the Bigg Boss house for this week!