Bigg Boss 15: Geeta Kapur receives hate comments for her remarks on Umar Riaz and his profession

Bigg Boss 15 witnessed one of the most shocking evictions. Ticket to Finale winner and contestant Umar Riaz was directly eliminated from the show for his violating the most important rule of the house which is physical violence. In the previous task, Umar charged violently towards Prakit. Bigg Boss announced that Umar’s behavior is intolerant and the audience would decide his fate on Weekend Ka Vaar. He was later eliminated from the show.

Well, in the recent episode, a panel of supporters came in to supports their respective friends and also locked horns with each other in a debate. Towards the end of the discussion, the host Salman Khan asked the panelists regarding Umar Riaz and his behavior. Ace choreographer Geeta Kapur who came in to support fellow choreographer Nishant Bhatt put across her firm opinions regarding Umar.

She stated that Umar has an inherent aggression which is part of his personality and she feels scared of him and wouldn’t want to visit a doctor like him who is so violent and aggressive. Later, Salman also added that Umar violently charges towards others.

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Well, Geeta’s statement has not gone down well with Umar’s fans. The fandom has been targeting Kapur on social media and expressing their discomfort over her remarks on their favorite Umar and his profession. While Kapur’s Instagram comments are locked, the fans are targeting her on Twitter.

Have a look at the comments under Geeta’s tweet:

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