Bigg Boss 15: ‘I Relate to Tejasswi Prakash Because She Is Playing From Her Heart’ says Pavitra Punia

Actress Pavitra Punia was the sherni in her season of Bigg Boss 14. A girl who fearlessly spoke her mind and did not fear expressing her emotions on national television, Pavitra was never termed fake by anyone… not even those who did not support her. And from one sherni to another, Pavitra has come out in support of Bigg Boss 15’s sherni Tejasswi Prakash. She appreciated Teja’s game and even went on to reminisce how Teja remembers her of her BB14 journey. All praises for Tejasswi’s journey, Pavitra reiterated the fact that Tejasswi is as real as it gets.

Says Pavitra, “I’m supporting Tejasswi all the way, because I believe that she is the woman who speaks her heart out. Whatever it is, she speaks her mind but to people, it sounds like she is playing games. But I think that the house is such that you have to play games, it just depends on if you are playing the game with your heart or your head. And I sympathise more with people who cry a lot because I understand that people who cry are really very clean hearted and they cannot take rubbish from anyone. They cannot take shit from anyone and take on false accusations. They cannot handle betrayal, they cannot handle something that is not sensitive as they are very sensitive towards everything.”

Explaining Tejasswi’s game, Pavitra further added, “She cries on every little incidence and I can totally relate with her because I have felt the same way in that house when I used to fight and do anything, because I was playing in that house from my heart. So I can totally relate with her that if she’s playing also, she is playing from her heart and that is the reason I’m supporting Teja.”

“I really hope that Tejasswi wins Bigg Boss season 15 and if not her, then I really would like to see Karan Kundrra win. But I am standing majorly for Teja. So all the best to the girl,” she concluded.