Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita Shetty breaks down while talking about her first boyfriend

The Bigg Boss OTT house has been witnessing a bunch of emotional breakdowns since it began. While there have been multiple fights, some connections too, have been rather difficult and have often become the cause of tears in the house. Shamita Shetty, is one such contestant who has had a difficult time for multiple reasons, but more recently, she was seen in tears while talking to Neha Bhasin in the show.

Shamita spoke about losing her first boyfriend in a car crash and how she has her reasons for being emotionally vulnerable when it comes to relationships. Neha consoled her while she was talking about the incident as Shamita was crying and seemed upset with everything that has been happening and the way she is feeling. This happened soon after Shamita was seen talking to her about Raqesh Bapat and how she sees things when it comes to a partner at this stage of her life.

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Meanwhile, Shamita and Neha are often seen supporting each other and it was only recently that the former was consoling the latter post a turn of events inside the Bigg Boss OTT house. Both of them have been among the most talked about contestants for various reasons and they continue to grab the attention of everyone.

Among other updates, there are no connections in the house anymore and when contestants were given a chance to save themselves from nominations, the task was eventually dismissed by Bigg Boss by the time it reached the ending rounds. As of now, everyone in the house is nominated barring Raqesh and Nishant Bhat.