Chandragupta Maurya X Bahubali : 5 Things inspired by Bahubali to watch out for on Television’s biggest siege war before the leap!

Storyteller Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s historical mega-series based on the life of founder of the Maurya empire in ancient India, Chandragupta Maurya has reached its peak right before the show goes in for a major leap!

The siege war that brings the downfall of Chandragupta is the final showdown with child actor Kartikey Malviya playing the young Chandragupta. The first look of the war looked nothing less than a big budgeted Bollywood action drama. The war set in 340 BCE has been shot keeping the era & aesthetics in mind and Siddharth’s special VFX team is spending hours round the clock to present the war sequence on television.

We bring to you the 5 things that you need to watch out for in the upcoming siege war series:-

1- The first promo of the war gave an insight into the magnitude of the war. No war is complete without the power of animals. A life-like huge elephant has been developed by the VFX team. Dhananand brings in an elephant to break down the palace gates.

2- Bahubali series being the biggest grossing films of all times showed the magnitude of the war and took audiences on a ride they never experienced earlier or only saw in Hollywood movies. Now television is getting closer to achieving that level of visual effects. Especially for this sequence, the makers have used VFX for crowd multiplication to show Dhananand’s massive army. There will be fire, blasts, poisonous arrows that release fumes and more.

3- Fans of the international show Money Heist know about the tunnel digging. A similar process of digging the tunnel will be filmed. The tunnel has been set up in a mountainous terrain and they have to dig through it.

4- More than who wins the war, it is about the war tactics and which army has lost the least men in the fight. A war is incomplete without strategies and the weapons or props used for defence or attack. Many unconventional war techniques inspired from Bahubali movie will be showcased like swords, shields, bows and arrows, palace furniture to barricade the palace gates, silk curtains used to burn Dhananand’s soldiers, crude bombs/ landmines.

5- Harnesses have been extensively used and no body doubles in place for the siege war.