Clash between brothers and sisters: Sreesanth is PISSED OFF with Dipika and we know why

Dipika and Sreesanth have dependably been solid inside Bigg Boss 12 house, the two have constantly bolstered each other all through the diversion yet things have as of late things have took an acrid turn between them. As of late, with Sreesanth unfollowing Dipika from web based life, it appears that all isn’t well between this power bhai-behen jodi.

India Forums connected Sreesanth to think about the equivalent and became more acquainted with reality behind it. Uncovering subtleties with us, Sreesanth stated, “Truly, I have unfollowed Dipika on the grounds that she unfollowed my Wife. Also, the person who doesn’t regard my significant other won’t be regarded by me. My better half is my Shakti and backing. Dipika’s fans used to mishandle my significant other and kids, she ought to have let them know not to do that but rather she didn’t.

Like how I advised my Sreefam not to manhandle her and they ceased. Dipika will be my sister since I regard that relationship however I won’t talk about this with her. I am offering this to you, so that, individuals know the real explanation for unfollowing Dipika.”