‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ actor Krishna Shetty opens up on getting married

With so many engagements and marriages either already happened or in the pipeline, we can certainly say that wedding season is indeed in its peak even as we struggle to cope with the pandemic. Smaller ceremonies are a constant but the happiness and blessings attached to the holy union is the same and that is what actor Krishna Shetty also feels right now where he recently got married to his girlfriend and dentist, Pragya a few days ago.

Now a married man, Shetty opened up on the feeling in an interview with ETimes TV. He said, “When I look at my hands and feet and see the mehendi and the toe rings I realize that I am married! Otherwise everything still feels like a dream, which obviously has come true.”

Talking about how he met Pragya, he said, “I met Pragya through my sister and we instantly clicked. It was a long distance relationship and we managed to sustain it successfully. For Pragya’s parents, getting their daughter married to an actor whose life is not a stable one was a tough decision to make. They wanted their daughter to get married to an engineer or a doctor. When we all met, they realised that we love each other and this is what we want in our lives.”

Pragya will be moving to Mumbai soon and about it, Shetty said, “The life of an actor is not unknown to anyone and I am glad that I have a wife who understands the nitty gritties of my schedules. She has been really patient with me and I feel so lucky that I have her in my life. I feel happy that I have someone now to share my life with and a friend forever.”

Shetty is best known for his role in Dil Hi Toh Hai and the small wedding ceremony had a few of his industry friends coming in like Karan Kundrra and Poulomi Das.

We wish the newly married couple loads of congratulations.