Dilli Darlings Review : A Closer Look Into the Lives of Delhi’s Rich Socialites!

Zee TV as of late reported their unique unscripted TV drama titled Dilli Darlings. Delivered by Essel Vision Group, the show gives a more critical investigate the lives of ten flawless women from the capital of the nation, who are known for their style, fabulousness and way of life. The channel likewise dropped a few individual promotions of the women, talking about their way of life and family.

About the show

The idea of the show is really new for the Indian group of spectators. Be that as it may, the show is by all accounts inexactly roused by the American unscripted TV drama, The Real Housewives. The show begins with exhibiting the indulgent way of life of the members alongside their presentation. From housewives to independent ladies, the producers have united them all and attempted to give a more critical investigate their regular daily existence. The women while presenting themselves, clarify what makes them a ‘Dilli Darling’.

In the interim, the show likewise portrays their non-exciting side by exhibiting their family bond – their associations with their spouses and youngsters. Despite the fact that their qualities are unique, the one thing that ties them together is ‘party’.

What did we like?

We preferred the idea of the show and how the creators have brought every one of these women from various callings and foundations together. The show can be a decent watch for the individuals who appreciate viewing Masala, discussions and rich, tasteful ways of life of socialites.

What we didn’t care for?

The idea is incredible yet there was extension for better execution. The show concentrates more on celebrating than different less investigated components, making the demonstrate somewhat dreary. There is no component of battle or challenge that these ladies needed to face to survive and arrive at a status in the public arena; lacking feelings and force. Also, a couple of scenes are dreary adding to the repetitiveness.


The idea of the show is entirely great yet the creators could have worked more on the execution part – scenes were not adjusted well, presentation went too long in addition to the screen space for every member differed. The show is incredible for group of spectators searching for spiced up dubious dramatization on the way of life of rich socialites. It is an ideal watch for those keen on having a more critical investigate the lives of these ridiculously wealthy ladies and find what lies behind their gatherings and reprobate way of life.