Divya Agarwal’s father passes away due to COVID-19

It’s an inconceivable agony, and the VIP that is experiencing this misfortune at the present time, is mainstream entertainer, Divya Agarwal. In a grievous bit of news, Divya Agarwal’s dad Sanjay Agarwal is no more and has left for the superb residence. He was hospitalized seven days back subsequent to testing positive for COVID-19 and was engaging medical problems.

Divya imparted an image to her dad and wrote an ardent message that read, “You are consistently with me… I love you father.. Tear”

The entertainer took to her online media when her dad was admitted to the ICU and added how the emergency clinic is just “plundering” her without sharing his wellbeing refreshes. She had referenced that her dad’s case was “serious” as he was a heart understanding.

Recently, she even asked everybody to appeal to God for her dad, saying, “I demand everybody to petition God for my father dil se at 5 pm.. an aggregate power of petition will be truly useful.. Mujhe nahi pata kitne convictions hote hai.. I know there’s god. If you don’t mind appeal to god .. I have taken a stab at everything conceivable and I’m not going stop trying..please supplicate..”

May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter!