FINALLY! Rashmi Sharma opens up on why did her Sony TV show FAIL

Maker Rashmi Sharma is in charge of introducing some astonishing shows throughout the years, where some of them, despite the fact that have been panned by numerous have still went ahead to do incredibly well going ahead to keep running for quite a while.

Notwithstanding, when a year ago, Rashmi got a show called, Jaat Ki Jugni on Sony TV featuring Vishal Vashistha and Madirakshi Mundle. With a fascinating reason, relatively few would have thought or anticipated that the show would bomb as wretchedly as it did.

The show scarcely kept running for just 3 months and must be pulled off-air attributable to terrible evaluations.

In an opposite discussion with Rashmi, we asked her about for what good reason does she think Jaat Ki Jugni did not do well.

To this, she stated, “To be completely forthright, I don’t have the foggiest idea. In any case, without a doubt something was missing and that is the reason it didn’t perform. One reason, in any case, I feel is likewise the way that the show publicized amid Indian Premier League (IPL). In any case, toward the end, I can state that I, and my group did all the hardwork simply as we do on each show. Rest, I can’t anticipate a show’s destiny and simply acknowledge the way things are.”

All things considered, you positively can’t change the past at this point!