From 9 years ago, this Zee TV trio has come a LONG way

Zee TV has been in charge of displaying a standout amongst the most notorious and effective move reality shows ever as Dance India Dance. The show changed the way in which move was seen and furthermore turned into a definitive shoot to popularity for Terence Lewis, Remo D’Souza and Geeta Kapur.

In any case, what the show additionally did was available a portion of nation’s best artists, where the main season was won by Salman Yusuf Khan.

It’s been a long time since the primary season, and despite the fact that it might have lost it’s energy of being the show it was years back, regardless it is cherished by a segment of the group of onlookers.

While Salman was the victor, the main season additionally gave us astounding artists as Mayuresh, Alisha and Jai Kumar Nair among others.

What’s more, as of late, after so long, Salman, Mayuresh and Alisha rejoined in this manner meaning moment wistfulness. Salman subtitled it consummately saying ‘The 2009 group’-

Recollections reliven as of now?