Harshad Arora: Tera Kya Hoga Alia is Relatable & Quirky in Nature!

TV sensation and heart throb, Harshad Arora is good to go to make his rebound on the little screen practically following a year with a spic and span satire performer, Tera Kya Hoga Alia? on Sony SAB. Harshad, who has enchanted the group of spectators with his uncommon exhibitions on TV up until this point, is set to make his satire debut with this energizing new comic escapade…

The exceptional cast of the show is good to go to hit the TV screens with a blast. In contrast to some other show, Tera Kya Hoga Alia will be a sensible yet happy interpretation of regular day to day existence battles of Alia woven together with chuckling, feeling and a ton of particularity.

What caused you to decide on Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

I was at first a little wary about the show as I have never investigated the satire sort however I was up for a test and needed to expand my record particularly with a channel like Sony SAB who are the torchbearers of happy parody. The content enticed me to be a piece of such a new and distinctive idea.

You have been a piece of the business for quite a while. So as far as you can tell, what makes this show stand out on Sony SAB?

The title will undoubtedly grab your eye. The show while being relatable, is likewise idiosyncratic in nature and takes you through the voyage of Alia and her interpretation of life, convictions and obstacles with an entertaining twist. The condition shared between the characters likewise has their own mind boggling specifying which causes you to interface with the characters in the show much better.

Inform us regarding your character – Alok

Alok, a PT instructor, is a genuine man who puts stock in standing firm for reality and simultaneously is a perfect spouse, frantically infatuated with his better half, Alia, who is over-defensive and uncertain about her attractive husband. While Alia battles to acknowledge her appearance, Alok then again adores her for her identity, his secondary school sweetheart. Alok is a cordial and an agreeable individual who gets a ton of consideration from ladies which energizes Alia’s weaknesses considerably further.

How has it been functioning with the new cast?

It has been truly energizing simultaneously we as a whole are taking in a great deal from one another too. We are going to workshops with the chief and makers to comprehend our characters better. I think the cast is picked with much tender loving care as each character in this show has its own extraordinary personality and they all are genuinely perplexing. I was excited to meet everybody and I anticipate working with them.

What can the watchers expect and anticipate with this show?

Tera Kya Hoga Alia? is a family performer, which is drawn from our regular day to day existence battles and emotions and exhibits them with comical turn. Our watchers can anticipate giggling, feeling and a decent portion of eccentricity. A demonstrate that helps the state of mind while likewise interfaces the watchers with Alia’s voyage. The story includes how Alia’s instabilities outwit her and terrains her in a tough situation and featuring the greatest inquiry of the show – Ab Tera Kya Hoga Alia?

Are there any closeness between your character and you, in actuality?

At the point when the author’s of the show saw my tryout, they right away observed Alok in me. When I studied the character, I share comparable standards in life like Alok.

A particular planning you need to accomplish for the job?

As the show is set up in Agra, we are taking word usage exercises to get the tongue right. It is energizing to discover some new information and each new character includes a section brimming with incredible encounters throughout everyday life. As far as my body, I have constantly liked to be slender in my genuine which fits well with the character of Alok who is a PT instructor. I can’t be massive, so I am keeping up this slender look by keeping my eating regimen and exercise routine under wraps.

Do you observe any show on Sony SAB? Which show is your most loved on the channel?

I have constantly respected Sony SAB for the sort of substance they grandstand for children and the whole family. It is a channel that unites the whole family. My family meets up each night to watch Jijaji Chhat Per Hain, which is their preferred show on Sony SAB.