Here’s how Keerti and Kartik EXPOSE Aditya and free Naira from jail in ‘Yeh Rishta…’

The track of Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is presently focussing on how Aditya is dead set on pulverizing his better half Keerti, Naira and Kartik’s life for having uncovered him.

In the last scene, we perceived how Aditya hijacks Naira and Keerti acts the hero. Aditya tumbles down in a development pit and regardless of Naira and Keerti’s contempt for Aditya, they spare him and take him to the healing facility.

However, Aditya turns the tables on Naira and points the finger at her for his mischance, because of which the police capture Naira. And keeping in mind that both the Singhania and the Goenka families are pondering what happened and how to safeguard Naira out, Kartik and Keerti gadget their own arrangement to trap Aditya.

Keerti goes to meet Aditya in the healing facility and fakes a statement of regret about how she is lamenting her choice to abandon him. A bragging Aditya ends up noticeably careless and uncovers how he caught Naira.

And keeping in mind that Aditya continues endlessly about how he is canny and more brilliant than everybody, Keerti gives him a tight slap and uncovers to him about how he himself has admitted to his violations. Kartik goes to the ward alongside the police and both the families, and Aditya is uncovered once more.

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