Hunar Hale steps in for Jigyasa Singh in ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’

The creators of the TV appear, ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’, went into a tantrum as of late, when they needed to modify the track overnight and focus in on another hero. The show hit a barricade after Jigyasa Singh, who assumes the title part, fell sick. The performing artist was hospitalized in the wake of being determined to have swine influenza.

We hear that the creation house has now reserved in Hunar Hale to enter the show as an “interval” female lead till Jigyasa resumes the shoot.

Maker Ved Raj affirms, “Hunar is entering the show as the new champion. Jigyasa will be out of activity for no less than a month. Hers is an awful instance of infectious swine influenza and she has been exhorted bed rest – that as well, in seclusion. Since it would have been difficult to run the show without the hero, we needed to rope in another one.”

All in all, what will happen to Hunar’s track after Jigyasa resumes the shoot? “The fate of her track will rely on upon the criticism she gets on the show,” Ved answers.