Isha Malviya of Udaariyaan: I don’t think about the negative comments, they don’t affect my personal life

Udaariyaan on Colors has been constantly garnering a lot of buzz on social media and even otherwise with fans always being vocal about what’s in store ahead as well as what is happening on the show. Since the show features 3 actors in pivotal roles, the fans are always divided on who their favourites are. India Forums got in touch with Isha Malviya aka Jasmine about whether it affects her at all, and she says it has no bearing on her personal life.

Isha told us, ”Not at all, because I don’t think about the negative comments that are coming out from the other side because it is not bad if people are not liking Jasmine. If I would be on the other side, I might have reacted in a similar manner because my character is like that. I know that it is grey shade and I enjoy my character and respect my work, so with no offence, I just do that and enjoy my work. It does not affect my personal life as Isha.”

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About the track ahead, Isha also told us, ”Udaariyaan is about to get very very complicated ahead, it is going to be so much fun and the viewers are about to have a lot of fun. The concept for the upcoming episode is obviously amazing and it is crazy.”

Meanwhile, the show features Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chaudhary in the lead roles. Produced by Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Devirosh Films, the show has been in the top 5 for about 3 weeks now with the numbers bettering everyday.